More Holiday Cubing, Oblivion Sower

A couple days late and a couple cans short of a six-pack, but we have TONS of fun stuff to talk about for all you LSV fans out there, this week. First off we finish up talking about Cube as LSV posted a video or two since we last chatted about how awesome it is to watch him play Holiday Cube. We then get into it about LSV’s podcasting of late, including a 5h16m Origins spoiler review and more–there’s so much LSV content these days! Richard reveals a fun sign-off LSV at the end of one podcast recently that you may have missed, as John did. Then, finally, we get to talk about the hot-off-the-presses new card spoiled from “Battle for Zendikar”! After various off-topic rants, John ends the show with a big, long rant on Magic Online’s cryptic, consumer-repellent payout changes that we also don’t understand at all–which is kind of the point.

Urgent LSV Cube Draft Update!

Hey folks, if you’re checking this post out then we can only assume you’re as excited as we are when LSV posts a new cube draft video, especially when it’s Holiday aka Powered Cube. Well, some of you may not be searching through the Youtube channels checking for updates or you might have missed it, so here it is! We were unable to talk about it in our latest podcast (since it was just now posted) but believe you me it’s a good ‘un–it features dual Goblin Welders and a Mindslaver lock, as well as a Strip Mine–Crucible of Worlds–Fastbond lock (is that a spoiler?) We’ll probably do the audio verison of effusive praise next show but please enjoy in the meantime.

#5: Holiday Cube and Turbo-Fog

Show Synopsis: It’s a special time for the Magic Online community, that one of your beloved hosts is mighty excited about: Holiday Cube is up and running for the first non-winter holiday ever. Richard can barely keep it in his pants about this topic which sparks some lively discussion as John has long been mystified by cube’s appeal (if not downright hostile to it). We make a smooth segue from Origins additions to cubes to the neat deck certain Origins cards enabled. It did not win, but the listeners win by getting to hear these ancient elders of Magic talk about Turbo Fog as an archetype in the context of core sets and their impact on Standard metagames of old. Also, listen for the new segment introduced in this episode.