LSV Fan Club #7 — PT Origins and the Demise of MTGO

The LSV podcast went on a brief hiatus while your favorite co-host John’s alter ego Magic celebrity went out and fought Magic crime–which apparently involves entering the game’s Hall of Fame and co-hosting coverage of the Pro Tour. In case you’re confused, we have pictures of both below. John denies any resemblance but all I can say is no one’s seen them in a room together in spite of the fact that all of us at one time attended the same high school.

In any case, our man LSV did OK at the Pro Tour but didn’t top 8, so besides his awesome commentary we don’t dwell too long on it except to argue about whether or not Papa predicted the success of Hangarback Walker and other Origins surprise hits.

Then we join the rest of the Magic community in lamenting the announcement that there won’t be enemy fetchlands printed in this fall’s expansion, Battle for Zendikar–well, only one of the co-hosts laments while the other confidently announces for the audience when they will actually be printed.

Such speculation brings us to our eternal topic of choice–the future or lack thereof of Magic Online. A guy posted on reddit that he sold his entire MTGO collection after realizing its economic model is fundamentally flawed. Should you abandon ship and sell your collection or buy in while it’s cheap because others are doing so? Listen to find out!