#5: Holiday Cube and Turbo-Fog

Show Synopsis: It’s a special time for the Magic Online community, that one of your beloved hosts is mighty excited about: Holiday Cube is up and running for the first non-winter holiday ever. Richard can barely keep it in his pants about this topic which sparks some lively discussion as John has long been mystified by cube’s appeal (if not downright hostile to it). We make a smooth segue from Origins additions to cubes to the neat deck certain Origins cards enabled. It did not win, but the listeners win by getting to hear these ancient elders of Magic talk about Turbo Fog as an archetype in the context of core sets and their impact on Standard metagames of old. Also, listen for the new segment introduced in this episode.


Detailed Synopsis For Those Who Prefer Reading (Or Perhaps Don’t Commute 5 Hours a Day):


First things first, there is no listener feedback to address this week, which Richard promptly and irrationally blames on last week’s (wonderful) guest, Samius Gurobo. The true culprit, ironically and obviously, is the MTGO Holiday Cube for destroying the tiny shred of Richard’s remaining productivity and motivation to promote the show. Which should shed some light on how Richard can’t wait to jump right to talking about…

This Week in LSV!
Holiday Cube Draft: While LSV did not join the rest of the Magic: the Gathering online community in streaming Holiday Cube drafts, we were overjoyed to see him post a video of him drafting the cube to our favorite YouTube channel! It did not disappoint, and not only because the high-pitched pitch begging us to buy cards from ChannelFireball.com disappeared from the videos along with the loud ‘punk rock’ outro sound clip. Their new logo animation is a disturbing one, but it’s a welcome change.
The draft is extremely funny and entertaining this time and we go over the highlights. Predictably, LSV shuns any and all “fair” or “creature-based” strategies when it comes to powered cube. His utter disregard for 2/1 creatures for one colored mana is almost mean–I felt woeful for Mardu Woe-Reaper, poor guy. The hosts debate to what extent it’s for the ‘entertainment factor’ of drafting Storm a bunch and losing or simply the wisdom of aiming for the most powerful strategies. In any case, what’s clear is that the Holiday Cube’s recent changes reflect the same mindset–taking out Carnophage and his friends, for example. This goes against the thinking within the ‘Cube Community’–the existence of which gets Johnny to rant about why it’s silly and antithetical to what Cube was about in the first place to have consensus about the ‘best cards.’ The Cuber on the show does his best to defend his turf and justify the format’s quirks and opinionated practitioners in the face of John’s implacable logic. Back to LSV’s draft…
John loved the joke about Time Spiral and Tolarian Academy being a combo–“somebody should really make a deck with these cards.” Last but not least, Magic Online’s idiosyncratic inclusion of Mindslaver leads to some devastatingly hilarious board states, often involving Spellskite activating itself ten times and Mr. Scott-Vargas quipping “That’s a pretty poor play but I guess my opponent did it.”
In spite of such mastery with the ‘slaver displayed by the podcast’s namesake, John maintains that Mindslaver is a swingy, unreliable card in all formats. We discuss other sweet LSV plays that impressed, and how great it is to compare one’s own approach to a board state to his as it progresses. It’s a good time to be trying to improve one’s game, kids. Even if it’s too late for us.
Origins CONSTRUCTED Set Review: We also talk about how LSV used to do combined set reviews and there were more jokes and trolls in those. We all miss those, right? But we read all the articles, anyway, because it’s LSV. Far be it from us to bring up specific cards we disagree with him on–his ratings are of course all spot-on, but we can bring up a specific deck enabled by new cards, Turbo-Fog. It does not seem to have won the first tournament it appeared in, but it’s an interesting take on an age-old archetype. John’s near-encyclopedic knowledge of Standard metagames past provides some context for what typically happens when a new core set hits and Richard tries to stump him with Turbofog’s history.
We’re also starting a couple things that will hopefully become traditions, one involving some actual music you can listen out for, and another with flavor text to end the show with. See if you can guess this week’s flavor text (Googling and guessing sound similar but are not the same):
“On my death, I give you this treasure: the knowledge that life is hard, yet too soon past.”
—Dal funeral rite

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