Magic Origins Pre-Release, Magic Hall of Fame + Special Guest — LSV Fan Club 4


This week the LSV Fan Club has a fairly epic two-parter for you, including a special guest! In the first part we address our first feedback from actual listeners thanks to reddit, and discuss the Magic Hall of Fame being open to the community which is clearly a poor move as Richard can’t even remember everyone he voted for several days later. In Part Deux we introduce a special guest “Samius Gurobo” of who has been a longtime fan of Papa’s Basement and player of this geeky little card game for even longer than either host! He did not make his love for LSV very explicit so that remains to be proven to our satisfaction.
Check out our guest’s blog and podcast of his own. At your own risk, of course, don’t blame us!
1. Reddit Comments
Due to an unknown benefactor posting our show about Zach Jesse’s quasi-lifetime banning to the entire subreddit (sub-subreddit?) devoted to discussion of that topic on /r/magictcg. There was–of course–offense taken at “laughter and jokes” about such a serious topics and the obligatory term “rape apologist” thrown around. We address this directly by stating what may not have been obvious–that we are not at all OK with rape and child molestation. We were only trying to say it’s impossible to know each and every possible criminal in any given store because we aren’t living in “Minority Report.” Yet. With that mystery cleared up, we can laugh at the reactions to LSV having a fan club, which include questioning why he wouldn’t, and what could be wrong with adult men forming a fan club about another adult male. One juicy little tidbit we forgot to get to in the frenzy of podcasting was that while browsing the thread I saw an interesting comment and clicked the guy’s name to get his reddit history because I like doing that. Well, hilariously enough, right underneath his posts on our thread and a couple others in the “ZJ” subreddit were some rather…lascivious contributions to /gonewild only a few posts down. I believe he was requesting that the girl posting anonymous nude pics do something specific with the body parts she displayed involving his own intimate parts. Isn’t context wonderful?
Worst things first, we tackle L. Scott-Vargas’s horrific loss in the first round ofVintage Super League.He chose a non-Force-of-Will deck for the first time ever in the league’s three seasons, known as “Fro-bots” (it’s essentially Stax with more creatures) and gets stomped and eliminated by his friend and inventor of Fro-bots, Eric Froehlich. On the bright side–we didn’t realize while recording that he actually gets another shot in the ‘loser’s bracket’ the next week, and we’ll be able to lament that result next week as well.
LSV mentioned on twitter that his Hall of Fame votes were for Willy Edel and Mark Herberholz (heezy), and there’s some news for the MTG community this week concerning the very same Hall of Fame. John, like the majority of Magic players has absolutely no idea what this is or means, and since Rich is a nutball obsessed with the Pro Tour he attempts an explanation. Eloquent or not, the point is we all get to vote for which Magic players get a free ride to every Pro Tour for the rest of their lives and you should favor non-Americans because it’s impressive when American know the name of anyone from outside the country. Also, Shouta Yasooka is a deckbuilding genius–if only for the U/B Tezzeret Modern deck LSV made some videos with last year. That deck was great.
Oh yeah, Origins prereleases were this weekend! This is where we enlist the help of our guest Samius since John never leaves his house and Richard’s local playgroup’s pre-release was a fiasco. We learn that Samius actually helps out at his local shop and had some good pointers on running events and getting people to come out–pointers that Richard’s local shop sorely needs to learn. Then we discuss card specifics and John gives his eternal perspective on some of the sett’s rares–spoiler alert he’s not too excited. Also, in case you’re feeling down about your own prerelease records, LSV went 1-3. 

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