Zach Jesse’s Lifetime Ban, Magic Origins – LSV Fan Club 3

I guess this is technically Jesse Zack, but you get the point.
I guess this is technically Jesse Zack, but you get the point.

John and Richard take sides in the latest debate to take the social microcosm of the MagicTCG subreddit by storm: Wizards of the Coast’s lifetime ban of convicted felon Zach Jesse from competitive Magic (as well as confiscation of his Magic Online account). They also put on display their shameful inability to discuss anything related to Standard, and try to come to terms with their inability to be as excited about the full spoiler of Magic Origins as the rest of the online Magic community.

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Your hosts: John Papageorgiou and Richard Killiam.

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Detailed show notes:

This Week in LSV: Our national Magic: the Gathering hero streamed some Modern and Vintage, declining to comment on-stream about the Zach Jesse ban as it would require some careful thought and judicious review so as not to say anything that might offend. Lucky for you listeners, our podcast hosts threw all that out the window and commented without thinking at all. If you are the person that is possibly offended, well, you might be offended, because we weighed nothing carefully.

Elesh Vargas also hosted the Standard Super League finals. While I (Richard) did watch the finals it was pretty slow and I can’t remember who won, so there is an embarrassing amount of dead air as I try and Google search the answer. Make one false step on Youtube and the entire Game of Thrones finale gets spoiled, but try and find out if Owen Turtenwald won a Magic game and good luck to you! I’ll let listeners find out for themselves, but suffice it to say John could not care less about non-eternal formats and we don’t spoil anything for the listeners.

Finally, LSV was not personally responsible for many Origins spoilers beyond the Pyromancer’s Goggles in his article and a handful of Limited-only creatures spoiler on his podcast with Marshall Sutcliffe. Nevertheless, we use that as a jumping off point to discuss the few cards that spark our old, jaded interest and cut through our inherent anhedonia. Listen and enjoy!

Hey! Here’s a “Deleted Scene” Bonus for making it through the show notes this far: While LSV was streaming recently someone asked him “Do you smoke weed? Legit curious.” You can laugh it up, but admit you want to find out the answer….well Luis said he “legit does not.”