LSV Fan Club #7 — PT Origins and the Demise of MTGO

The LSV podcast went on a brief hiatus while your favorite co-host John’s alter ego Magic celebrity went out and fought Magic crime–which apparently involves entering the game’s Hall of Fame and co-hosting coverage of the Pro Tour. In case you’re confused, we have pictures of both below. John denies any resemblance but all I can say is no one’s seen them in a room together in spite of the fact that all of us at one time attended the same high school.

In any case, our man LSV did OK at the Pro Tour but didn’t top 8, so besides his awesome commentary we don’t dwell too long on it except to argue about whether or not Papa predicted the success of Hangarback Walker and other Origins surprise hits.

Then we join the rest of the Magic community in lamenting the announcement that there won’t be enemy fetchlands printed in this fall’s expansion, Battle for Zendikar–well, only one of the co-hosts laments while the other confidently announces for the audience when they will actually be printed.

Such speculation brings us to our eternal topic of choice–the future or lack thereof of Magic Online. A guy posted on reddit that he sold his entire MTGO collection after realizing its economic model is fundamentally flawed. Should you abandon ship and sell your collection or buy in while it’s cheap because others are doing so? Listen to find out!

More Holiday Cubing, Oblivion Sower

A couple days late and a couple cans short of a six-pack, but we have TONS of fun stuff to talk about for all you LSV fans out there, this week. First off we finish up talking about Cube as LSV posted a video or two since we last chatted about how awesome it is to watch him play Holiday Cube. We then get into it about LSV’s podcasting of late, including a 5h16m Origins spoiler review and more–there’s so much LSV content these days! Richard reveals a fun sign-off LSV at the end of one podcast recently that you may have missed, as John did. Then, finally, we get to talk about the hot-off-the-presses new card spoiled from “Battle for Zendikar”! After various off-topic rants, John ends the show with a big, long rant on Magic Online’s cryptic, consumer-repellent payout changes that we also don’t understand at all–which is kind of the point.

Urgent LSV Cube Draft Update!

Hey folks, if you’re checking this post out then we can only assume you’re as excited as we are when LSV posts a new cube draft video, especially when it’s Holiday aka Powered Cube. Well, some of you may not be searching through the Youtube channels checking for updates or you might have missed it, so here it is! We were unable to talk about it in our latest podcast (since it was just now posted) but believe you me it’s a good ‘un–it features dual Goblin Welders and a Mindslaver lock, as well as a Strip Mine–Crucible of Worlds–Fastbond lock (is that a spoiler?) We’ll probably do the audio verison of effusive praise next show but please enjoy in the meantime.

#5: Holiday Cube and Turbo-Fog

Show Synopsis: It’s a special time for the Magic Online community, that one of your beloved hosts is mighty excited about: Holiday Cube is up and running for the first non-winter holiday ever. Richard can barely keep it in his pants about this topic which sparks some lively discussion as John has long been mystified by cube’s appeal (if not downright hostile to it). We make a smooth segue from Origins additions to cubes to the neat deck certain Origins cards enabled. It did not win, but the listeners win by getting to hear these ancient elders of Magic talk about Turbo Fog as an archetype in the context of core sets and their impact on Standard metagames of old. Also, listen for the new segment introduced in this episode.

Magic Origins Pre-Release, Magic Hall of Fame + Special Guest — LSV Fan Club 4


This week the LSV Fan Club has a fairly epic two-parter for you, including a special guest! In the first part we address our first feedback from actual listeners thanks to reddit, and discuss the Magic Hall of Fame being open to the community which is clearly a poor move as Richard can’t even remember everyone he voted for several days later. In Part Deux we introduce a special guest “Samius Gurobo” of who has been a longtime fan of Papa’s Basement and player of this geeky little card game for even longer than either host! He did not make his love for LSV very explicit so that remains to be proven to our satisfaction.
Check out our guest’s blog and podcast of his own. At your own risk, of course, don’t blame us!
1. Reddit Comments
Due to an unknown benefactor posting our show about Zach Jesse’s quasi-lifetime banning to the entire subreddit (sub-subreddit?) devoted to discussion of that topic on /r/magictcg. There was–of course–offense taken at “laughter and jokes” about such a serious topics and the obligatory term “rape apologist” thrown around. We address this directly by stating what may not have been obvious–that we are not at all OK with rape and child molestation. We were only trying to say it’s impossible to know each and every possible criminal in any given store because we aren’t living in “Minority Report.” Yet. With that mystery cleared up, we can laugh at the reactions to LSV having a fan club, which include questioning why he wouldn’t, and what could be wrong with adult men forming a fan club about another adult male. One juicy little tidbit we forgot to get to in the frenzy of podcasting was that while browsing the thread I saw an interesting comment and clicked the guy’s name to get his reddit history because I like doing that. Well, hilariously enough, right underneath his posts on our thread and a couple others in the “ZJ” subreddit were some rather…lascivious contributions to /gonewild only a few posts down. I believe he was requesting that the girl posting anonymous nude pics do something specific with the body parts she displayed involving his own intimate parts. Isn’t context wonderful?
Worst things first, we tackle L. Scott-Vargas’s horrific loss in the first round ofVintage Super League.He chose a non-Force-of-Will deck for the first time ever in the league’s three seasons, known as “Fro-bots” (it’s essentially Stax with more creatures) and gets stomped and eliminated by his friend and inventor of Fro-bots, Eric Froehlich. On the bright side–we didn’t realize while recording that he actually gets another shot in the ‘loser’s bracket’ the next week, and we’ll be able to lament that result next week as well.
LSV mentioned on twitter that his Hall of Fame votes were for Willy Edel and Mark Herberholz (heezy), and there’s some news for the MTG community this week concerning the very same Hall of Fame. John, like the majority of Magic players has absolutely no idea what this is or means, and since Rich is a nutball obsessed with the Pro Tour he attempts an explanation. Eloquent or not, the point is we all get to vote for which Magic players get a free ride to every Pro Tour for the rest of their lives and you should favor non-Americans because it’s impressive when American know the name of anyone from outside the country. Also, Shouta Yasooka is a deckbuilding genius–if only for the U/B Tezzeret Modern deck LSV made some videos with last year. That deck was great.
Oh yeah, Origins prereleases were this weekend! This is where we enlist the help of our guest Samius since John never leaves his house and Richard’s local playgroup’s pre-release was a fiasco. We learn that Samius actually helps out at his local shop and had some good pointers on running events and getting people to come out–pointers that Richard’s local shop sorely needs to learn. Then we discuss card specifics and John gives his eternal perspective on some of the sett’s rares–spoiler alert he’s not too excited. Also, in case you’re feeling down about your own prerelease records, LSV went 1-3. 

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Your hosts: John Papageorgiou and Richard Killiam.

John on twitter:

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Zach Jesse’s Lifetime Ban, Magic Origins – LSV Fan Club 3

I guess this is technically Jesse Zack, but you get the point.
I guess this is technically Jesse Zack, but you get the point.

John and Richard take sides in the latest debate to take the social microcosm of the MagicTCG subreddit by storm: Wizards of the Coast’s lifetime ban of convicted felon Zach Jesse from competitive Magic (as well as confiscation of his Magic Online account). They also put on display their shameful inability to discuss anything related to Standard, and try to come to terms with their inability to be as excited about the full spoiler of Magic Origins as the rest of the online Magic community.

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Get caught up on all the felonious drama here:

Your hosts: John Papageorgiou and Richard Killiam.

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Detailed show notes:

This Week in LSV: Our national Magic: the Gathering hero streamed some Modern and Vintage, declining to comment on-stream about the Zach Jesse ban as it would require some careful thought and judicious review so as not to say anything that might offend. Lucky for you listeners, our podcast hosts threw all that out the window and commented without thinking at all. If you are the person that is possibly offended, well, you might be offended, because we weighed nothing carefully.

Elesh Vargas also hosted the Standard Super League finals. While I (Richard) did watch the finals it was pretty slow and I can’t remember who won, so there is an embarrassing amount of dead air as I try and Google search the answer. Make one false step on Youtube and the entire Game of Thrones finale gets spoiled, but try and find out if Owen Turtenwald won a Magic game and good luck to you! I’ll let listeners find out for themselves, but suffice it to say John could not care less about non-eternal formats and we don’t spoil anything for the listeners.

Finally, LSV was not personally responsible for many Origins spoilers beyond the Pyromancer’s Goggles in his article and a handful of Limited-only creatures spoiler on his podcast with Marshall Sutcliffe. Nevertheless, we use that as a jumping off point to discuss the few cards that spark our old, jaded interest and cut through our inherent anhedonia. Listen and enjoy!

Hey! Here’s a “Deleted Scene” Bonus for making it through the show notes this far: While LSV was streaming recently someone asked him “Do you smoke weed? Legit curious.” You can laugh it up, but admit you want to find out the answer….well Luis said he “legit does not.”


Magic Origins Spoilers, Women In Magic — LSV Fan Club 2

Unaging breasts never droop.
Unaging breasts never droop.

We dive right in to the latest Magic Origins spoilers, a set that serves as a bittersweet farewell to core sets as we have known them since the game’s inception. We also talk about the recent groundswell of discussing women in Magic and why there aren’t that many of them (or we’re nuts and there are a ton of them if you go by Maro’s claims).

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The Founding of the LSV Fan Club — LSV Fan Club 1

Hello, good lookin'.
Hello, good lookin’.

Luck. Skill. Victory. We kick off the first episode of the LSV Fan Club podcast discussing who we are, why we’re obsessed with Luis Scott Vargas, the latest Magic: the Gathering news and why you should give the show a shot.

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The LSVFC is Coming!


Content is coming very soon, everyone. If you were just thinking “Man there just isn’t enough time in the week to follow everything the Magic-playing gamer genius Luis Scott-Vargas does in a given week”–let your fears be assuaged. We are are here to help as much as we can in portable, explicit, and hilariously aural form.